Birding Festivals

Birding festivals are an enjoyable way to travel to new places, see new birds, make new friends, and just get away from it all. Most festivals are well-organized, usually with guided field trips and presentations by experts in various subjects.

Participation at birding festivals supports birding and habitat conservation in the local areas where they are held. There are numerous bird festivals in Washington, Idaho, and adjoining states.  Many of them are listed below.  See the festival websites for current information.  See also these website for more festival listings (regional and national): Audubon WashingtonBirdzilla, and American Birding Association.

Great Blue Heron


Winter Wings Festival, Klamath Falls OR.  Begun as the Klamath Falls Eagle Conference, this is the longest-running festival in the US.

Port Susan Snow Goose and Birding Festival, Stanwood WA.  Speakers, tours, special events, and thousands of Snow Geese.


Brant Wildlife Festival, Vancouver Island, BC. A variety of activities over several weeks time.

Wings Over Water – Northwest Birding Festival, Blaine WA.  Viewing stations, seminars, exhibits, field trips, thousands of Brandts, and more.

Tundra Swan Celebration, Usk WA. Bus trip to Calispell Lake to view migrating swans, then lunch and speaker.

Othello Sandhill Crane Festival, Othello WA.  Tours, speakers, banquet, silent auction, and thousands of Sandhill Cranes.


Olympic Peninsula BirdFest, Sequim WA.  Specializes in seabirds and features tours of local bays and coastlines and island cruises.  Also Olympic Owl Prowl, banquet, and silent auction.

John Scharff Migratory Bird Festival, Harney County OR.  Tours, workshops, banquet, art show, and other activities.

Dubois Grouse Days, Dubois, ID.  Presentations, photography blinds, and guided tours to leks to view Greater Sage-Grouse courtship.

Grays Harbor Shorebird Festival, Hoquiam WA.  Speakers, field trips, banquet, auction, fun fair, vendor, tens of thousands of shorebirds, and more.


Leavenworth Spring Bird Festival, Leavenworth WA.  Speakers, field trips, wildflower walks, art, family activities, and more.

Ladd Marsh Bird Festival, La Grande OR.  Presentations, guided bird walk, field trips, music, and kids’ activities


Wings Across the Big Sky Bird Festival, Bozeman MT. Field trips, speakers, and fun activities.

Dean Hale Woodpecker Festival, Bend OR.  Field trips and more.


Oregon Shorebird Festival, Charleston OR.  A small festival with water-based field trips, land-based field trips, and a chartered pelagic trip.

Puget Sound Bird Fest, Edmonds, WA.  Speakers, guided walks, land- and water-based field trips, exhibits, and educational activities.

Chelan Ridge Hawk Migration Festival, Pateros, WA.  Field trips by shuttle to Chelan Ridge to see migrating raptors.

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