Idaho Birding Links

Idaho Birding Trail – maps, index by species, and more
Idaho IBAs – Important Birding Areas on the Idaho Trail
Idaho Birds & Birding – online resources for birding in Idaho
Idaho’s Owls – Idaho Fish and Game brochure
Idaho Windows to Wildlife – Idaho Watchable Wildlife and Nongame Program





Washington Birding Links

Washington State Birding Trail – trail maps, iphone app, and more
Washington IBAs – Important Bird Areas in Washington
Eastern Washington Birds and Birding – online resources for birding in Eastern Washington
Songbird Survey in Eastern WA-Audubon Washington
Washington Birder – WA state and county checklists and more
Washington Ornithological Society – statewide forum for birders






Birding Information and Tools

ABA Birding News – email lists for birders by state, area, and country
All About Birds – Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s bird guide, birding basics, and more
American Bird Conservancy – conserving American’s native birds and habitats
American Birding Association – news, events, and more
American Ornithologist’s Union – the official checklists of birds for North and South America
Audubon Online Guide to North American Birds – browse by profile, family, or common name
Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching – A nice introduduction to the sport
BirdFellow – the internet’s first social field guide
BirdingPal – find local contacts and birding information throughout the world
Birding is Fun! – bird photos, book and product reviews, surveys, and more
Birding the Cloud – find recently reported rarities from eBird data
Birding on the .Net – index to US rare bird alerts and more
Birding on the .Net rarity map – visual of rarity reports for the US from eBird
BirdCast – Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s bird migration forecasts
BirdNote – Stories about birds, the environment, and more
BirdWatching magazine – locate birding hotspots throughout the US
Bird Watcher’s Digest magazine – articles, nature shop, and more
Cornell Lab of Ornithology YouTube site – many bird video clips
eBird – record and access bird observations
How to use eBird
nland NW Birders– subscribe to list serve
eNature –  online searchable field guide for birds
Environment for the Americans – conserving birds by connecting people
Montana Birding & Nature Trail – maps and birding information
Oregon Birding Trails – trail maps and more
Owl ID Guide
VIREO (Visual Resources for Ornithology) – The Academy of Natural Sciences world-wide bird photograph collection


Bird House Plans and Tips

Washington Department of Wildlife Nest Boxes for Birds

Area  Audubon Chapters

Blue Mountain Audubon Society
Coeur d’Alene Audubon Society
Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society
North Cascades Audubon Society
Spokane Audubon Society
Yakima Valley Audubon Society






Other Local Organizations

Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute
White Pine Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society
Palouse Prairie Foundation



Mixed flock, all in a row

Mixed flock, all in a row